Launch of the αriston codex deemed a great success!

The skills for the future of work and the threat of technological unemployment, which is slowly but surely leading to the replacement of people by machines, formed the main focus of protifora αriston project LIVE and the launch of the αriston codex, written by the President and CEO of hyphen SA, Mr Yannis Stergis, CRMDr.

The αriston codex identifies and codifies the small experiential goals we set ourselves and need to conquer each day in order to be consistently successful and resourceful. It is a reference book, or rather, a guide book, to be used at every step of our journey through the different stages of life.

Opening the event, Mrs Emma Parker, Vice President of hyphen SA and publisher of the αriston codex, summarised the work of .ParkerStergis. publishing house and spoke of the significance of the release of the αriston codex.

During the event held at the Olympion Theatre in Thessaloniki, author Yannis Stergis focused on the prospect of entrepreneurial autonomy, which is at the heart of the αriston codex. Mr Stergis highlighted the need for the existence of sustainable and viable small and medium-sized businesses in our current economy, explaining that they help to diversify the economic foundations of the country and provide the opportunity to meet a variety of market conditions. Moreover, companies of this size help to create jobs and reduce unemployment.

Mr Dimitris Nikolaidis, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at City College, emphasised how the development of corporate culture is integral to the success of companies, specifying the essential skills as communication, strong ethical principles, team spirit, initiative, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, an analytical approach, adaptability and knowledge of IT.

Mr Miltiadis Sarigiannidis, Associate Professor of Law at Aristotle University, noted the importance of individual excellence, a guiding principle that runs throughout the αriston codex. Mr Miltiadis Sarigiannidis, Associate Professor of Law at Aristotle University, noted the importance of individual excellence, a guiding principle that runs throughout the αriston codex.

A message expressing support and recognition of the αriston codex was sent to Mr Stergis by the President of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece, Mr Athanasios Savvakis, who was unable to attend the event due to professional obligations abroad. In his prerecorded message, Mr Savvakis stated that “the book is a true guide” and represents, amongst other things, the prospect for growth, which should be an integral part of both our personal and professional activity.

The event at the Pavlos Zannas Theatre welcomed 250 people, the majority of which attended both the presentation of the αriston codex and the seminars that followed for entrepreneurs, professionals, young people, parents and teachers.

Expansion in Greece for the hyphen SA Group
The skills and the ways in which they affect employability and the educational levels of all ages form the core of the Elaeons, the network of training centres which hyphen SA has developed throughout Greece and Cyprus.

Concurrently, as well as continuing its international operations, which represent 85% of the company’s turnover, hyphen SA is now also turning its attention to supporting Greek and Cypriot businesses by focusing on exports and international sales.

hyphen SA also provides a range of other services to Greek and Cypriot markets, drawing on their extensive experience and know-how derived from collaborations with the five largest publishing houses worldwide (Cambridge University Press, Pearson Education, Macmillan and McGraw-Hill).

Photos of the event

Moreover, hyphen SA, together with the educational think-tank, the αriston project, offers educational business programmes to Greek and Cypriot companies. These programmes are designed and adapted to the needs of both administrative and managerial personnel.

hyphen SA undertakes the integrated planning and implementation of educational and publishing projects, fulfilling specific marketing and communication needs.

hyphen SA currently provides services to a range of private enterprises and institutions including the Black Sea Trade Development Bank, Mevgal and Kleemann Hellas.


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