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αriston codex for personal and entrepreneurial empowerment

hyphensa CEO

Codex is defined as ‘code’, but in terms of entrepreneurial empowerment, it means that entrepreneurship is woven into people's DNA, whether they own a business or not.

Entrepreneurship exists within the employer–employee relationship since the employer is the employee’s most important client. As such, the employee’s behaviour is governed by the need to adopt entrepreneurial traits.

With the αriston codex, we decode and lay out, in technical and scientific terms, the meaning inherent in the Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The αriston codex identifies and codifies all the small targets we set, based on our experiences, in other words, the baby steps we need to take daily in order to be consistently successful and resourceful. It is a reference book, or rather, a guide book, to be used at every step of our journey through the different stages of life.

Back in 2012, hyphen SA held an event at Porto Palace in Thessaloniki for entrepreneurs from across Greece. At that time, everyone was still coming to terms with the economic crisis, hoping it was something ephemeral. I remember talking to an educational business owner from Kilkis who told me, and I quote, “I am very angry; so angry, that I become paralyzed, numb, and I cannot function”. I asked him, “If the Greek economy had been ruined by a major earthquake, would you be so angry?” and he answered, “How could I be angry at God, at nature?” I pointed out that everything is an illusion; we become angry because we believe that other people’s intentions have led us to where we are today. We do not view this as an accident; we do not see life and economy as a daily struggle for survival in a jungle.


The αriston codex equips us with simple and comprehensible tools to enable us to manage the jungle surrounding us, no matter how wild, from the early age of 9 to the grand age of 99.

It teaches us the skill of assuming responsibility for our own lives.

I believe the αriston codex is timeless. It will remain current during the economic crisis since the challenge for Greek society is that it’s being violently forced to assume responsibility for its own life.

Focus on Publishing

Individual learning paths

One of the greatest challenges of teaching foreign languages and other subjects is the diversity of ability levels, personalities and learning goals of students within the same setting. Plurality, created by the heterogeneous coexistence of students in the same ‘traditional’ classroom, often causes insurmountable challenges for teachers, especially when having to teach a single text or curriculum.

Modern technology responds to these challenges by offering a range of solutions which transfer the learning load beyond the classroom and reallocate it according to time, degree of difficulty and student’s individual needs and learning goals. Innovative business initiatives (Start-ups) in the field of Education Technology have already begun to create and implement the education of tomorrow; an education that is customised according to each student’s needs, helping them to achieve their goals via an independent learning path. The Duolingo platform and Knewton technology are cutting-edge examples in this field.

A variety of modern teaching methodologies have contributed to these developments, for example, the “flipped classroom”, the theory of “multiple intelligences” and “individual learning paths”. These pioneering methodologies view the learning process from a new perspective and redistribute the learning load from the classroom setting to the student’s personal space.

At hyphen SA, we design educational tools that reshape the classroom and fulfil modern learning challenges. Drawing from our experience and collaborations with leading international educational organisations, we integrate the educational technology of tomorrow into today’s Greek reality.


Customer Spotlight

Kleemann Hellas SA appoints hyphen SA to provide international communication services

hyphen SA has recently been assigned to provide Kleemann Hellas SA with a range of international communication services.

Overall project management has been taken on by hyphen SA to ensure the comprehensive and fully integrated services are successfully implemented, meeting Kleemann Hellas SA’s wide range of communications needs. The project is expected to reach completion during the summer of 2016.

Continually seeking to broaden the scope of its collaborations with dynamic Greek companies, hyphen SA draws on its vast experience and know-how stemming from its long–term cooperation with leading global publishing houses, such as Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Pearson Education and Berlitz Language.

hyphen SA is one of just a handful of companies in Europe that specialise in the development and editing of printed and electronic text. The company also provides graphic design, illustration, writing and content development, translation and project management, covering a wide range of printed and online publication needs.

Last but not least, hyphen SA undertakes the integrated design and implementation of educational and publishing projects, realising the specialised marketing and communication requirements of its clients.

Redefining Education

To “redefine education” is to transform the classroom from a simple teaching space into a coaching arena and collaborative working space. In this instance, teamwork and knowledge become tools in the hands of the Young Pioneers. But how?

This transformation is triggered by motivational moments that generate food for thought, as well as projects which nurture confident, creative children, familiar with the use of technology.

The main goal of Young Pioneers is to train children to develop these skills, so that by the age of 16 they are able to complete interdisciplinary projects, participate in debates and draft business plans in Greek and English, equipped with critical thinking and social intelligence skills. This well-structured programme caters for all learning types, gearing students towards the future of work through their understanding of the Agenda 2020 skills: sense-making, social intelligence, cross-cultural competency, new media literacy, novel and adaptive thinking, transdisciplinarity, design mindset, computational thinking, virtual collaboration and cognitive load management.

Students can log on to the Young Pioneers educational platform to access online lessons and much more! The additional resources, information, examples and audiovisual materials are linked to school subjects and enrich students’ experiences and cognitive achievements. Lessons last between 5 and 7 minutes and are created specifically to cater for each learning style. In this way, every student not only has the opportunity to learn, but the opportunity to enjoy and effectively engage with the learning process.

hyphen SA Open Day a great success

hyphen SA Open Day a great success

hyphen SA’s Open Day was held for the first time last Monday, June 27, at hyphen SA’s premises in Thessaloniki. More than 100 professional graphic designers, editors and translators, as well as Greek and English Literature graduates and other specialists attended the event to meet hyphen SA personnel and learn about its modus operandi, philosophy, programmes, services and products.

Visitors also had the opportunity to register for hyphen SA’s Design, Editing and Differentiated Instruction courses, scheduled to begin in the new academic year.

hyphen SA currently employs more than 300 specialists in the fields of publishing and educational engineering, as well as administrative staff in over 20 countries globally. Innovation, the use of digital technology and the design of an effective and systematic education that serves today and tomorrow form the core values of hyphen SA, evident not only in the company’s modus operandi, but also in the way they collaborate with all professionals involved in the implementation of projects.

During the event, an awards ceremony was held to present certificates to winning participants of the pioneering protifora αriston project radio course and, earlier in the day, owners of educational centres across Greece were invited to learn about hyphen SA’s educational programmes and how these can be incorporated into their own centres’ curricula. The presentation was also streamed live to those who were unable to attend the event in person.

the αriston project

The importance of diagnostic checks

by Dimitris Panagiotides,
Business Analyst, hyphen SA

As Greece’s economy is tested and the majority of Greek businesses have to operate under the conditions imposed by the growing economic crisis, the need to reorganise and review business models is more pressing than ever. Furthermore, the adverse effects of structural problems and flaws inherent in the Greek economic environment are becoming so evident that entrepreneurs are beginning to pursue alternative paths leading to development and profitability.

As with ailing living organisms, the majority of Greek businesses are seeking an action plan that provides the ability not only to restore, but also adapt their vital signs to modern conditions, safeguarding them as effectively as possible against future problems. As such, Greek businesses, and a large proportion of them for the first time, are now setting realistic and achievable targets adjusted to the new conditions. However, for them to move in this direction, they must first define the problem with precision and clarity, taking into consideration their own specific particularities, characteristics and framework.

This can only be determined by a process of diagnostic checks, in other words, identifying and recording the factors obstructing a business’s development and minimising its productivity. At this point, it is worth noting that performing a diagnostic check does not necessitate the existence of a tangible problem in the first place.

The check is a comprehensive and detailed outline of a business’ operations which can partly be used as a problem-solving tool, but can also be used in a proactive fashion to prevent hidden risks, or retrospectively, to evaluate already completed actions. In fact, in some cases, the need to reorganise a business emerges after consecutive years of development, in order to avoid administrative malfunction.

What, therefore, is the difference between a business’ diagnostic check and a traditional financial analysis? The direction is usually the same. Their fundamental difference is reflected in their efficiency. A financial analysis by itself reflects the words behind the numbers, whereas the diagnostic check encompasses the aggregate operations, delving deeper into human resources, their interaction and training. Numbers may never lie, but it is clear we are living in the so-called “age of knowledge”, where knowledge is not merely a byproduct of traditional production factors such as work, capital and land, but a resource of paramount importance.


ROIEDU 16–25: Skills for young people and the future of work

The globalised job market and the trend amongst young people to choose employment opportunities abroad are modern-day realities. It is important, therefore, that these young people develop the necessary skills to enable them to find relevant employment and successfully continue their educational development.

hyphen SA and the αriston project have designed the ROEIDU 16–25 programme for young people who have completed their basic education in Greece and wish to acquire skills that will prepare them for the job market and university studies in Greece or abroad.

By attending the three-month course, students familiarise themselves with global market management and monitoring techniques, create their own portfolio and learn successful interview techniques, as well as how to formally introduce themselves to future employers worldwide. The programme offers learning-style tests so that students can understand the ways in which they learn and most effectively acquire knowledge. Candidates are also introduced to how they should successfully compile their CV in order to remain competitive in the job market.

The programme is supported by internationally approved material from Cambridge University and is taught in English, enabling students to be initiated into “live” terminology and real market language.


The beginning of the paperless era

by Dimitris Diamantidis,
New Media & Marketing Director - hyphen SA

The vast majority of Greek businesses that survived the economic crisis are still challenged by how to integrate and adapt modern digital communication media to suit their marketing needs.

Is it a matter of being unaware, unable or unwilling?

Perhaps it is a combination of all of the above that causes a “sclerotic” mode of operation that impedes technologically aided growth – something which can be quite time and cost effective, provided one knows how to use it.

A typical example that demonstrates businesses’ inability to grasp evolution is the case of apps and their potential.

Through the rapid and extended use of smartphones and tablets, we were propelled into the era of apps offering personalised communication and user interaction at low cost, in addition to services that until now were only accessible through user-unfriendly sites.

Many business operations can be completed through apps, which can be accessed on multiple levels, either by all users or only certified-licensed users.

“Paperwork” still prevails in many Greek businesses, however, it can be replaced by flexible and well-designed applications which are easy to develop and even more easy to update.

Brochures, reports, forms, periodicals and even widely circulated magazines can cross over to the “wondrous” world of apps for a complete makeover, becoming enriched with multimedia, hyperlinks and new design elements.

Aside from the fact that the use of apps reduces paper waste, cost and is environmentally friendly, its greatest advantage is that a smartphone of only a few centimetres in size can hold an inconceivable amount of data, enhancing the user experience immeasurably.

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