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ROIEDU Business introduces a code of sound business practice for small and small–medium enterprises (SE & SME), for viability, extroversion and high productivity assurance in an ever-changing financial environment. Based on managerial and experiential practices, it inspires and prompts deep structural developments in the life of the enterprise, its owner and its management team. This course supports the continuous professional training and business orientation of the trainee, aiming to empower business practice, achieve effective financial management and increase turnover. The course is addressed to individuals above 25 years of age. It is said that entrepreneurship and parenthood come without a manual. Well, ROIEDU Business provides you with the ultimate manual for creating, developing or correcting your business, based on universal principles that you will not find referenced in academic MBAs. Our MBA students can confirm that.


  • Communicative Style Screening and Testing
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Flipped Classroom

Skills 2020 to 2030


Trans-disciplinarity and Transferable Skills

Novel and Adaptive Thinking

Social Intelligence

New Media Literacy

Computational Thinking

Design Mindset

Cognitive Load Management

Cross Cultural Competency

Virtual Collaboration

Neuroleadership awareness

financial literacy

crisis management

Environmental intelligence

Global health and safety management

Interpersonal intelligence

Numerical literacy

Algorithmic decision making


Duration: 6 months

Structure: 6 monthly sessions, flipped classroom

  • C1: Productivity, productivity measurements, cost-centre management and design
  • C2: The employer as a client – Human resource management
  • C3: Assertiveness and negotiations
  • C4: State policy, tax authorities and Insurance Fund Legislation management
  • C5: Business redesign
  • C6: Development and self-discipline


  • The course teaches life and professional dexterities otherwise only experientially obtainable through a long-term career in multicultural environments abroad
  • Trainees graduate with a proven competitive advantage, which allows them to be imminently absorbed into the international workforce
  • Multifaceted and interdisciplinary in nature and content, the sessions enhance critical and creative thinking and promote problem-solving and self-actualisation across all areas of living

Did you know...

  • In order to remain employable in the future workforce, you need to stand out. The Future of Work is all about if and when is required
  • Nobody will guarantee you a life career
  • Many enterprises prefer contractor work over full-time recruitment
  • The concept of ‘career’ is almost as outdated as the use of the typewriter
  • Working groups begin to resemble film production teams. Independent individuals with unique talents come together to work on a corporate project, at the end of which, everyone departs on their own way. They may work together again; or they may not

After attending the first couple of sessions of ROIEDU Business, I managed to implement everything that I’ve learned in practice, achieving better and more effective control of my enterprise within a short period of time. The quantification of my job’s parameters on a wider scale was what granted me a comprehensive picture of my finances and allowed me to transform my allocation of income and expenditure in a manner that was balanced and fair to everyone. My goal was to learn how to overcome any obstacles that may come my way, and immediately disentangle myself from neurotic situations that decelerate and restrain my company.

Christina Karkali, President of Platon

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