ROIEDU Global Skills

ROIEDU Global Skills is addressed to young adults who are entering the workforce. Trainees may be launching their own start-up, pursuing an international career or aspiring to thrive in their chosen profession. The course develops skills derived from the experience of hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives, while at the same time it promotes communication and cross-cultural dexterities. The αriston Project, the international educational think tank for the future of work, consists of contributors ranging from CEOs of major international organizations that shape requirements for the future of work, to academics actively liaising with the industry. Get ROIEDU Global Skills accreditation and acquire your priority pass to top positions in major international organizations or gather academic credits towards your next postgraduate qualification. This course is only taught in English.


  • Communicative Style Screening and Testing
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Flipped Classroom

Skills 2020 to 2030


Trans-disciplinarity and Transferable Skills

Novel and Adaptive Thinking

Social Intelligence

New Media Literacy

Computational Thinking

Design Mindset

Cognitive Load Management

Cross Cultural Competency

Virtual Collaboration

Neuroleadership awareness

financial literacy

crisis management

Environmental intelligence

Global health and safety management

Interpersonal intelligence

Numerical literacy

Algorithmic decision making


Duration: 6 months

Structure: 6 x 3-hour sessions once a month, flipped classroom

  • H1: Employability – S1: Working as a team
  • H2: WIMFU (My portfolio) – S2: Influencing people
  • H3: Productivity – S3: Giving feedback
  • H4: Getting advice – S4: Making decisions
  • H5: Transferable skills – S5: Communicating clearly
  • H6: My Start Up – S6: Building relationships


  • The cost is lower than its equivalent for the preparation of a foreign language certificate, while the mandatory use of English and current terminology initiate the trainee to the true language of the market
  • The course teaches implemented practices that even MBA graduates fail to correlate with actual market activity – a prime example are cost-centres
  • The trainee graduates with a complete portfolio, both digital and printed, that renders him/her extremely competitive even for advanced markets
  • The course is supported by internationally approved content by Cambridge University Press

Did you know...

  • According to more than 500 interviews with executives, the key from profiting from an external assignment is not about financial savings, but innovation. In some cases, your own competitiveness is not even dependent on third parties
  • “Crowdsourcing” is about dividing a task into smaller sections and releasing it to millions of people around the world
  • All 55 million Wikipedia articles have been written and are maintained by the public
  • Printed apparel and accessory sellers Threadless submit their T-shirt designs to crowd voting before printing

I am a mechanical engineer of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and have worked for the Athens Metro, as well as an international group that undertook a project on the city’s highways. As all activity came to a halt due to the fiscal crisis, I had to seek employment abroad. An important opportunity in the Copenhagen Subway arose, and during the interviews, I applied everything I had learned in ROIEDU Global Skills. As both sessions were held via Skype, I had to present my digital portfolio online. Among three other candidates, I won the position when we were all asked for comments or questions; mine was: “as a cost-centre, what percentage do I occupy from the turnover that I will produce for your company?” Everyone was left deep in thought. I was in Copenhagen in a fortnight, in a colourful, multilingual environment and my own company-funded apartment. I already feel like a citizen of the world.”

Giorgos Gannopoulos, Mechanical Engineer, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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