Press release 16/12/2021

Internationally acclaimed leadership course ROIEDU Global Skills in progress

The new cycle of the internationally acclaimed leadership course, ROIEDU Global Skills, continues 18th December. The programme was launched in November by hyphen SA and is scheduled to last until May 2022. ROIEDU Global Skills is designed for everyone preparing to enter the workforce, as well as pursuing international career prospects. It is taught exclusively in English, and develops technical skills derived from large enterprise experience, as well as dexterities in communication and cross-cultural understanding. This year,16 attendees aged between 16 and 26 years old have been admitted to the programme, following personal interviews with its creator, Mr Yannis Stergis, who is also the President of hyphen SA. The course can lead to the creation of a spin-off company by hyphen SA, while secures credits for selected universities. The physical presence sessions of this year's ROIEDU Global Skills take place in hyphen’s Lifelong Learning Center. All16 participants have been offered a full scholarship, exclusively covering the semester-long duration of the course. For all in-house training, all Health & Safety requirements as defined by pandemic-related regulations are fully implemented. At the same time, Yannis Stergis webinars on entrepreneurship continue, with 25 selected attended per session. The diagnosis and management of the loss-making executive in the small and medium enterprise was the topic of the latest webinar.

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Few words about Yannis Stergis

  • Architect of The αriston Project ecosystem, founder and president of Hyphen SA, author of The αriston CODEX.
  • Engineer of educational methodology, flipped classroom and training courses.
  • Designer of Knowledge Management Systems (KMS).
  • Trainer and coach of educators and trainers.
  • Mentor of small business owners, specialised in productivity measurements, human resource evaluation and business succession.
  • Author and keynote speaker for ROIEDU Business, ROIEDU Global Skills, The αriston Project CERT.
  • Researcher and speaker on issues pertaining to the future of work, technological unemployment, synergy between artificial intelligence with original content producer.
  • Member of the American Society of Cybernetics, the Association of European Veterans, the Hellenic-British Chamber of Commerce, and curriculum advisory committees of British universities.
  • Fiction writer, poet, painter, craftsman, and accordionist.
  • City endurance distance runner and member of #urbanrunners.
  • Ambassador of persons with non-visible disabilities and gifted autistics.
  • Father of two wonderful children.

A few words about hyphen

Hyphen SA is the only educational engineering company in Europe. It is internationally active in the design and implementation of educational programs, and books in English Language Teaching. The company also undertakes, as a contractor, major assignments of global scope in the development of specialized software, while it is considered in Greece a pioneer in blockchain technology in education and certification applications. The company’s spin-off, distinctly entitled Stergis o’ clock, whose architect is Hyphen SA’s President and MD, Yannis Stergis, is devoted to the research and development of education and training for the future of work. The activity of Hyphen SA commenced in April 2003 and is based in Thessaloniki. Hyphen SA employs hundreds of specialist educational engineers, publishing and training technicians, and administrative staff in over 21 countries.

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