Press release 4/11/2021

Hyphen SA – Official sponsor for Olympic Sports Centre of Athens’ (OAKA) VIP Suite renovation

We are very excited to announce that Hyphen SA has become an official sponsor of the reconstruction and renovation of the central stadium of the Olympic Sports Centre of Athens’ (OAKA) VIP suite. An international company with its central premises based in Thessaloniki, Hyphen SA will cover part of the renovation cost of the premises of one of the most distinguished and modern sports arenas in Greece and the nearby region. OAKA’s VIP suite is used both for the viewing of sports games and tournaments, as well as hosting other events and presentations. The Memorandum of Sponsorship Offer and Acceptance has been signed by Mr Yannis Stergis, President and CEO of Hyphen SA, Mr Constantinos Chalioris, General Manager of OAKA, and Mr Ioannis Zacharakis, Architect and Coordinator of the Sponsorship Framework. Hyphen SA remains committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility and in this context implemented the specific Sponsorship to OAKA. It should be noted that it is the only company in this sponsorship framework based in Thessaloniki. The following companies have also undertaken the sponsorship of the renovation-reconstruction of OAKA’s VIP suite, alongside Hyphen SA: a+ architects, ΚΟΥΡΤΗΣ Contract, ALTA linea, EKA Hellas SA, LUUN, SOLO, KANELLI, Magna Facility Service, CHRIS BASIAS & Vice Versa.

Few words about hyphen SA

Hyphen SA is the only educational engineering company in Europe. It is internationally active in the design and implementation of educational programs, and books in English Language Teaching. The company also undertakes, as a contractor, major assignments of global scope in the development of specialized software, while it is considered in Greece a pioneer in blockchain technology in education and certification applications. The company’s spin-off, distinctly entitled Stergis o’ clock, whose architect is Hyphen SA’s President and MD, Yannis Stergis, is devoted to the research and development of education and training for the future of work. The activity of Hyphen SA commenced in April 2003 and is based in Thessaloniki. Hyphen SA employs hundreds of specialist educational engineers, publishing and training technicians, and administrative staff in over 21 countries.

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