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We design and develop tailormade software. Our expert team consists of highly professional software engineers and architects - no ninjas or rockstars. We are blockchain experts, from smart contracts to blockchain-enabled business development. We are here to offer you our services, building end-to-end software solutions. We are a Software Intelligence Lab.

  • Efficient & Transparent Procedures
  • End-to-End Software Development
  • Blockchain-Based Investments
  • Legacy Systems Support
  • Technical Writing

Our Services

Software Development

We provide software development and management. We help early stages start- ups to take off. Our team provides support for legacy projects on established companies.

Research & Development

In case you want to explore new technology sectors and markets risk-free, we are happy to help you. We provide documentation and reports on every step.

ICT Business Development

If you have an awesome software business idea, but you don't know how to monetise it, come to us. We are experts!

Software Development

Web 3 - Blockchain Application Development

Web 2 - Desktop, Web & Mobile Application

Big Data & Analytics

Machine Learning & AI

IoT Applications

Legacy Systems Refactoring And Support

We can turn any software idea into business. Dream free - the sky is not the limit anymore, and there is no spoon.

Our business development services can provide insight into potential markets for your company. Our team works to deliver efficient and performant software, covered by automated tests for Quality Assurance. We provide documentation for any component we build. No more undocumented code.

Software Packaging

We handle every aspect of software development process by providing realistic timeline deliverables. Come with your idea, and we will deliver.

Application Packaging

If you are an entrepreneur we can handle all the processes and procedures of your ICT startup. No need to build a software team at the outset.

Scaling Solutions

If your business is going in the right direction and you want to scale it even more, we can help you by providing diagnostics reports, personnel training, and HR Management.

Technical Writing, Editing & Proofing

We provide technical writing services across all levels, as well as content development, editing and proofing.

Blockchain-based Investments

We provide our blockchain expertise for investment tactics on blockchain-based companies.

It Works And We Know Why!

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