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In 2011, Hyphen SA founded The αriston Project – an ambitious endeavour that introduced and pioneered the concept of Skills 2020. Over a period of just seven years, more than 6,000 trainees developed their skill sets and insights for the future of work.

Ten years later, we are launching Skills 2030 – a new programme within our core philosophical axis of Measure–Content–Diversity. Our values do not simply reinforce knowledge and practice; they define the person behind the profession. Education... #itsmorethanwhatyouthink

Effective education is not active but attractive; like therapy

Yannis Stergis, President and MD of Hyphen SA

Philosophy and Values


Measure as the central axis of my life and my actions.


Content as a restorative and cohesive factor in the grand scheme of things.


Count every person as a small heaven with its own unique map.

Our Methodology

Learning and communicative style screening

Awareness of which learning and communicative style serves our individual neurology helps us achieve our goals and learn faster. We offer all trainees a free online screening test and provide intensive guidance based on its results. The analogy of your visual, auditory and kinaesthetic response to stimuli will define how the trainer will shape each learning session.

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction is a scientific pedagogical approach for each individual student, where specialised instructors design lessons based on customised desired outcomes using tools such as Bloom’s Taxonomy. By the end of the sessions, students will have learned the practical value of both the theory and its application, and how they can use it for their own personal growth.

Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom is an innovative and effective teaching methodology where the traditional theory–delivery process is reversed. Teaching initially takes place online. This allows trainees to revisit or dwell on areas they have not fully grasped. The second stage is their participation in the practical implementation of the subject, where questions are answered and more examples are provided.

WIMFU (What’s In Me For You)

The most important orientation for each student of every subject. The trainee is taught, empirically and technically, how to project their competitive advantages using the information and know-how provided. Trainees acquire self-discipline and an understanding of their environment and can adjust their competitive advantages accordingly.

Learner neurological profiling

Our nervous system is an organ, subject to our DNA and other environmental factors. It determines our systemic quotient (SQ) and our empathetic quotient (EQ). It can also determine other genetically idiosyncratic factors, such as our multiple intelligences, but it doesn’t determine our learning preferences and styles, which are mainly subject to environmental and developmental influences. Awareness of our neurological profile as learners enables more efficient academic and professional orientation. There is extensive evidence that learners and professionals who are aware of their neurological profile achieve higher success rates in all contexts. All trainees undergo a learner neurological assessment session as part of their final learner portfolio, as well as adequate training in how to make best use of it.

Learner learning profiling

Our learning style or preferences are mostly determined by environmental and developmental influences. Circumstances of the learning environment can affect whether stimuli that contribute most to our learning experience relate to certain senses, such as vision, hearing or touch, but also to our sense of balance and movement, sensory excitability and visual connection with image or text. The receptor that will become predominant among them is defined by variable conditions, age, emotions, mood and other factors. Awareness of learning and communication style and preferences can facilitate more profound learning, as well as more effective collaboration with our peers. In a business environment it can play an incremental role in avoiding assumptions and misunderstandings, thus enhancing productivity. All trainees undergo learner learning profile assessments frequently during their course, as well as the adequate training in how to make best use of it.

Our Courses

Leadership Courses

Are you a leader guide, a leader mediator or a leader implementer? Find out and become the leader of your own life and the life of your students, colleagues, employees and even family members. Embrace Skills 2020 and 2030 for the future of work, employability and entrepreneurship.

Train the Coach

Everybody is talking about coaching, and rightly so. It is a key function for the development of unique talent, success and happiness. There are thousands of coaching courses available, some organized by lifelong learning centres at well-known universities. However, many of them are taught by instructors who have never been coached themselves. They give lessons based on a standardized formula.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace.

As a business owner or manager do you delegate, brief and communicate with your teams effectively? Is every role in your organizational chart manned by the right person? What are the special requirements of each role and job description, and how does the right candidate respond to them according to their neurology, learning and communication preferences and personality structure? This is a unique course, researched and developed by Hyphen SA’s President and MD, for the future of work and employability, aimed at educating HR managers, business owners, work psychologists and department managers about the different neurological profiles of employees and suppliers, as well as special methodologies and techniques to enhance productivity and satisfaction rates in the workplace.

Future of work – Skills 2020 and 2030

TThe future of work is mobile, empathetic and entrepreneurial. The future of work requires financial literacy, new media literacy, innovation mindset and profound self-awareness. Hyphen SA knows the future of work, employability and entrepreneurship, because we help design it!

ROIEDU Business

ROIEDU Business introduces a code of sound business practice for small and small–medium enterprises (SE & SME), for viability, extroversion and high productivity assurance in an ever-changing financial environment. Based on managerial and experiential practices, it inspires and prompts deep structural developments in the life of the enterprise, its owner and its management team. read more

ROIEDU Global “Skills

ROIEDU Global Skills is addressed to young adults who are entering the workforce. Trainees may be launching their own start-up, pursuing an international career or aspiring to thrive in their chosen profession. The course develops skills derived from the experience of hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives, while at the same time it promotes communication and cross-cultural dexterities. read more

CERT for entrepreneurs

You have been certified as a ROIEDU Business or ROIEDU Global Skills practitioner. You can design and balance your operation’s cost centres with ease. You are an expert in negotiations, assertiveness and dealing with personality disorders in the workplace. You design top product presentations and marketing campaigns following our patented COMPOSE methodology. read more

Train the trainer

The new world of training for the future of work requires up-to-date training skills and most of all, awareness of the Skills 2020 and 2030 development methodologies. Become one of Hyphen SA’s Skills 2020 and 2030 trainers.

Train the Skills 2030 Trainer

This is a unique course for experienced HR trainers, professional orientation experts and top language teachers. Develop your learners’ transferable skills through integrated courses that focus on each learner individually, creating a unique experience that they will carry with them straight to their next professional opportunity. Attend blended lessons presenting real case studies and contribute to the expansion of a new learning experience and development philosophy. Be the trainer of the future.

Our Customer Experience

2013 was a period of internal disintegration for our company, accelerated by the country’s fiscal crisis but essentially instigated due to business succession issues by the 2nd and 3rd generation. Thankfully, we came across the αriston project. We defined our company’s productivity through the cost-centre methodology. We managed to decode the fundamental principles of the market and increase our competitiveness through extroversion – the most powerful tool at our disposal. Within a year, we saw a 50% increase in our turnover. We recovered our hope for a entrepreneurship, built strong structures for our company and gained confidence through acquired knowledge.

Giannis and Foteini Giantiridi

Owners in Standard

We have been collaborating with the αriston project for a decade, and our Foreign Language Centre’s evolution is, in fact, the greatest proof of the British provider, both on a managerial and an educational level. With the αriston project always on our side, Petmeza Foreign Language Centre has not only grown in size and finance gain, but first and foremost in terms of quality, since we acquired in-depth knowledge for our own enterprise, and learned how to manage it properly. Employing those principles and regulations that transformed us into a reputable private educational centre with leverage was extremely important for us.

Stella Sfatou

Owner of Petmeza Foreign Languages Centrer

After attending the first couple of sessions of ROIEDU Business, I managed to implement everything that I’ve learned in practice, achieving better and more effective control of my enterprise within a short period of time. The quantification of my job’s parameters on a wider scale was what granted me a comprehensive picture of my finances and allowed me to transform my allocation of income and expenditure in a manner that was balanced and fair to everyone. My goal was to learn how to overcome any obstacles that may come my way, and immediately disentangle myself from neurotic situations that decelerate and restrain my company.

Christina Karkali

President of Platonn

Trainers of the future do not instruct; they rather listen actively, ask the right questions and provide abundant space for the curious and excited researcher hidden within each of their trainees.

Yannis Stergis, President and MD of Hyphen SA

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